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Community Involvement

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Man talking to young people
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Yonkers B.R.I.C.K Program

Established in 2017, the Yonkers PBA created the B.R.I.C.K. program which stands for Building Relationships through Interactions with Cops and Kids. The ultimate goal of the program is to strengthen relationships and to heal old wounds between law enforcement and the communities we serve. We recognize that like building a home, building relationships are done one step at a time, or rather, one BRICK at a time.

Yonkers PBA Community BBQs

Our officers love interacting with fellow members of the community and what better way to do that than over some BBQ! We are honored to be able to host several BBQs throughout the year for special needs schools and organizations and other community groups.

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Yonkers Force High School Football team
Yonkers HS Football team with flag
Football players running with flags
Football players running with flags
Honor Guards on football field

Yonkers Force High School Football Team

The Force is our adopted team, named after the Yonkers Police Force. We interact with the team as much as possible which includes going to their games, hosting their pregame dinners, raising money for the program, and mentoring the kids.