Keep Yonkers Safe. Keep Mayor Spano!

Yonkers is ranked as one of the safest cities in America for one essential reason: The leadership of Mayor Mike Spano.

Under Mayor Spano’s visionary leadership, Yonkers has attained unparalleled public safety and stands as the gold standard for delivering high-quality, people-first policing that builds trust and transforms lives.

Crime has plummeted under Mayor Spano’s watch...
complaints are at all-time lows...
and community engagement is reaching record highs.

Because of these results, Mike Spano has earned the support, trust, and endorsement of your Yonkers Police Officers.

Join with neighbors, leaders, organizers, businesses, friends and your Yonkers police officers to re-elect the Mayor who safeguards our future: Mike Spano.

Keep Yonkers Safe.
Keep Mayor Spano.

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